Maldavale Son of Lord (Boysie)

Our Boy Boysie

Then there is Boysie - mustn't forget Boysie.

Boysie did very well for us and was our top sire in 1997, he was a best puppy in show winner at the age of 10 months and where he also was reserve best in show too. He did a lot of winning and it was a great shame that he was not made up to a champion. His sister produced a beautiful champion.

It's been observed that he has been behind many champions around the world.


Boysie 1

Boysie at 10 Months

Boysie at 10 months


Curled up on the Sofa

Here is a picture of him with our first dog, Lord (Maldavale the Arsonist) and Mum, Duchess (The Duchess of Maldavale) when he was a tiny baby: Left to right - Duchess, Boysie and Lord. Duchess is out of Angeliques brother. So you see the connections!


Boysie at home