Maldavale Charlie Brown (Charlie)


Maldavale Charlie Brown was bred by us and he had some very good placing at shows ith 3rd in Post Graduate at Crufts. He is the father of Maldavale Charlie's Angel at Jolanta.



Charlie at 10 weeks

Dam: Maldavale Margot (Maggie)

Sire: Kertellas Keeping it Cool for Meadowfair

D.O.B: 19/06/2007

Optigen: prod PRA Clear (A)


chalie 10 weeks

First Trim

Pictured here having his first trim at 10 weeks.


first trim

After a hard day it's nice to just chill!!

He is the first brown miniature we bred.

Charlie was Best Baby Puppy at Mersham Ringcraft at 4 months old! On 17/2/2008 he was awarded "Best Puppy Dog" at the Midland Counties Poodle Championship show.




As you can see from the following pictures, Charlie went to hydrotherapy (near Leeds Castle in Kent). This helped him to lose weight and in the begining all that fat turned in to muscle, which made him very heavy to pick up to put on the show table. He used to pedal like mad while being held by one of the girls - and of course he didn't get any where, but each minute was equivelent to a mile at great speed!! Then he was taken out and his legs were massaged and then dried. He loved it, and went once a week for 12 weeks. The hydrotherapy did help him to lose weight but he started to put it back on again.